Antoni Kowalski
What the old masters achieved through the actual beauty of the interplay of light and shade, or the sound of colors in the external world. I am trying to achieve outside the material world. For me, the ground for the play of light and shade, for the sound of colors is the inner, spiritual world, but our eyes are not of much use there. There one needs up the third eye of the mind. Art begins where there is mystery. It is supposed to discover the parts that are beyond the reach of sensual perception, but it must not become an idle play of imagination or a primitive provocation. I carry an obligation towards Art and towards tradition, but at the same time I feel obliged to search for new areas. I am not attracted by the superficiality of new media, I prefer to study the secrets of the traditional techniques. Through its non-material energy. Art has the faculty to convey the states of mind on the same transcendental plane.

Born on July 10, 1957. Studied at the Department of Graphic Art in Katowice of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland. He graduated summa cum laude in graphic design under Professor Tomasz Jura, and in painting under Professor Jerzy Duda-Gracz in 1982. Resides in Katowice, Poland.

Selected one-man exhibitions:

1982     Gallery 2016, Brussels, Belgium;
            L'Hotel de Ville, Courcelles, Belgium;
1983     Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw, Poland;
1984     BWA Gallery, Katowice, Poland;
            Ka De We Gallery, West Berlin;
            Atelier fur Polnische Kunst, West Berlin;
            Obere Galerie, West Berlin;
            Messehalle 3, West Berlin;
1985      Kuhdamm Galerie, West Berlin;
            Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw, Poland;
1989      A.B. Wahl Gallery, Warsaw, Poland;
1992      Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw, Poland;
            Rama-Aneks Gallery, Poznan, Poland;
1994      Piast Castle Museum & Gallery, Gliwice, Poland;
            Silesian Museum, Katowice, Poland;
            State Gallery of Contemporary Art, Przemysl, Poland;
1995     State Art Gallery – Willa, Lodz, Poland;
            Gallery 2016, Brussels, Belgium;
1996     Gallery 2016, Brussels, Belgium;
            Na Pietrze Gallery, Poznan, Poland;
1997     Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw, Poland;
            BWA Gallery, Zamosc, Poland;
            Obok Gallry, Tychy, Poland;
1998     Contemporary Art Gallery, Plock, Poland;
1999     Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw, Poland;
2000     1112 Gallery, Society For Arts, Chicago, USA.


Viennese Prayer
oil on canvas, 1994
130 x 97 cm

Golden Prayer
oil on canvas, 1997
97 x 130 cm

Autumn Prayer V
oil on canvas, 1997
97 x 130 cm
Family Prayer IV
oil on canvas, 1995
130 x 97 cm

Prayer on Water III
oil on canvas, 1995
100 x 73 cm
Autumn Prayer III
oil on canvas, 1998
116 x 89 cm